Photography Virtual Tours Matterport

Photography Virtual Tours Matterport

Photography Virtual Tours MatterportPhotography Virtual Tours MatterportPhotography Virtual Tours Matterport

I'll make you look good


My Background

I was a Realtor in Florida for 41 years before I decided to do only real estate photography full time. In those 41 years I have worn many hats... agent, appraiser, broker, manager, trainer, and owner. Since 2013 I have been a real estate photographer and am no longer active in the real estate business. Because of my extensive real estate background I have a strong sense of effective marketing and understand the entire real estate process. I've  been photographing for agents and homeowners since 2013 with well over a 1,000 homes photographed. 

Curb/Web Appeal

You explain to your sellers about the importance of curb appeal. You ask them to tidy up the exterior and maybe even stage and declutter the home’s interior. Then you come along, take some quick photos on your cell phone and put them on the MLS and then they show up all over the web (Trulia, Zillow,, etc.). They are hard to replace with better photos once online. Many successful agents wait until all the professional photos are available before entering the listing into MLS.

Curb appeal is your client’s responsibility, web appeal is yours. You have one chance to impress – a  few seconds to grab a buyer’s attention. Do iPhone listing photos or those you take with a point-and-shoot camera make the best use of those valuable seconds?

Today, web appeal is the most important aspect of your marketing. Put you and your client's best foot forward with professional photography, virtual tours and 3D imaging. 

Elevated Views

The importance of an interesting and high quality first photo for a listing has never been greater. I use an elevated photo for the first photo in the VTour and it should be the first one you use in MLS. My elevated shots are from about 20-25 feet which allows a full front view of the home showing the landscaping and front yard and some of the views to the rear. Some homes have an interesting rear view as well and elevated views may show up in the first few photos in the VTour. There is no extra fee for elevated views.