Matterport Dollhouse View

Technology plays a big role in the sale of homes for both buyers and sellers. The right technology can help showcase a property in a way that will shorten the time on the market, reach a wider audience, and sell for a high price. 3D Matterport creates a 3D model of the property that can show the entire home on a three-dimensional scale. Once the scan of the property is complete it allows for anyone to walkthrough the 3D scan from their own computer. Agents can use it to show a home at once to potential buyers without ever leaving their office, or buyers can see properties from their own home. This allows an agent to have a virtual open house 24-7 without having to step on the property. This may eliminate the need for multiple open houses, it saves time, expands the audience, and results in a quicker sale! 

3D Matterport has the option to view each room separately using the 360-degree view option.  The buyer can manipulate the program to see all around a room.  This gives them the ability to explore every corner of a room as if they were standing in it.

There is an option to go on a tour of the home by hitting the "Play" button which will walk you through the home.  The great part about this feature is not only does it walk through each room, but it views the room from multiple angles, showing the buyer all aspects of the area.

The Doll House feature allows the property to be viewed as a 3D image.  Viewers can move the image around to see all aspects of the home. Each level can be viewed separately, or as a complete unit. The viewer can zoom in on certain areas to really dive into the home and get a feel for the layout.

Prices are $175.00 for up to 1,500 sq.ft. and .07 cents per square foot added for larger homes. So 2,000 sq.ft. would be $175 + $35 for interiors. Exterior 360 degree views are $5 additional each.